Dialog Between Willy & His Brother

“I wish he would just die.”

“You don’t just wish for someone to die, Willy. You never do that. You know what happens if you wish someone would die and then they actually die?”

“Dunno, what would happen?”

“Well… a lot can happen, obviously. But none of them good, Willy, none of them good. Perhaps you feel guilty. Maybe, just maybe, you’d start believing they actually died because you wished it, Willy. You’d feel pretty bad, I can tell you that. Or maybe someone overheard you wishing, Willy. Ever thought about that? They’d call the police on you. Saying how they heard you wishing they would die and that you probably killed them yourself. You’d be a murder suspect just like that, Willy.”

“I wouldn’t like that at all.”

“Of course not, Willy, no one would. You know what you should do? Wish they would get something bad, but really, really unlikely. Or something to happen to them. Like, really bad, but very unlikely. That way if it happens, at least you could go on believing you have a super power or something. Or if anyone overheard you, they’d never mess with you again because they would think you might put a deadly magic sickness spell on them or something.”

“So, an illness then?”

“Well, not a cold or something, or a flu. No, something special and painful. And they would die in the end. Gruesome.”

“Like polio?”

“Polio could work, but I dunno how painful that is. I mean, do you die from polio? Don’t know. No, wish ’em something they’d die from for sure. Like a snake bite. Or malaria.”

“We’re in England. No deadly snakes here. Or malarias.”

“I know. But I said ‘unlikely’, remember? Can you imagine how afraid people would be of you if you wished a for a snake bite and then they would be bitten and they would just slowly die and be in pain for days? No one would be calling you Willy anymore, that’s for sure. They’d call you Will or William or sir or something. Respect you.”

“You call me Willy too, like, all the time.”

“That’s because you’re my little brother. I can call you whatever I want. And your snake bite trick won’t work on me, now would it?”

“No, guess not. Mum’s late. I hope we can have pizza for dinner. You know, because we are late because of her. I love pizza.”

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