On votes and power and dead kids

see that man?
a terrorist
his wife
and children too
I know for sure
trust me on this
like all
my voters do
you should fear
those people there
I saw them
eyeball you
that is what they are
trust me, it is true

give me your vote
and I’ll protect
I know
what should be done
give me the power
before you know
all your fears are gone
give me your kids
daughters and sons
I’ll tell them
where to aim
I’ll give them guns
fire and bombs
and pay them back
in fame

fear them, fear those
fear them right there
trust me
you should fear
give me power
give me votes
and when I pass
you cheer

thank you
for supporting me
you made
the right one boss
I’m here for you
she was so brave
I’m sorry
for your loss

please excuse me
I have to go
your neighbours
need to hear
their neighbour
is a terrorist
how you’re the one
to fear

put your faith
in noble words
not theirs
just mine are true
I cannot tell you
all the why’s
but trust me
I’ll save you
be afraid
but not of me
I’ll point out
who to blame
you’ll fight
and kill
and mame
and rape
based on
my righteous claim

Three Ways to Slay (song lyrics)

a brick can kill
in messy ways
it’s heavy, maybe
slow to swing
but when he’s down
the brick sure is
– for pure blunt force –
a useful thing

I went to jail
for plans I made
learnt there
to do, to execute
I went to jail
a nice, sweet guy
came out
evil’s dark root

a stick’s so good
so versatile
to stab using
the pointy part
to swing and hit
to keep at bay
to end it all
right in the heart


electric wire,
assassin style
it’s everywhere
for you to find
just come in
all silently
approach him
from behind

last, not least
the lethal choice
of killer chefs:
the kitchen knife
just swing and slice
and stab to see
the fatal fear
of fleeting life


three men raped
and got away
from justice,
and from law
I planned revenge
got locked away
now my wrath
the last they saw

Pax Paludes

a war horse runs
its rider gone
through smoke
and pools of blood
splatters of foam
eyes crazed with fear
strong white legs
covered in mud
a panicked race
away from death
from fire
and from slaughter
manoeuvres blind
with widespread eyes
through blood
that runs as water
a final jump
a near escape
sharp wood denies
skin rips open
guts spill out
the battle fades
in dying eyes

The Maiden’s Wall

protect the king
it sounds aloud
battle cries
enemies run
axes, swords
and shields are raised
a final clash
before it’s done

my shield-maidens
are all that’s left
they form a line
a wall of shields
all men fell
and lie here dead
on these barren
and now bloody fields

a crow flies low
and calls my name
he lures my eyes
where odin stands
as i watch
he turns and fades
i will not die
on these far lands

valhalla shall wait
another day
scream and fight
spears and swords
breaking of shields
fight, oh, maidens
we feast tonight

Kill Bill Birthday Party

I’m stuck at a kill bill birthday party.

The theme is making noise, apparently.

The game is seeing who snaps first.
I know i will win. I always do.

The crazy 8 year olds run around, jumping of the furniture. The crazy 88 year olds scream into each other’s deaf ears.

Loud talking and laughing everyone’s flesh slicing, brain piercing weapons.

I get my katana to slice the cake, but somehow the floor ends up bloody. An arm here, a foot there, and something I don’t know
what it was.

My pretty yellow suit stained with red. Is that a strawberry or an eyeball someone plucked out and stepped on? Confetti or
blood splatter? A balloon or a head rolling on the floor?

The music has stopped. A whole cake for me and the birthday boy that I let live. You don’t kill someone on their birthday.

Putting away my sword, a snake bites.But before the venom reaches my heart I deal myself a five point punch that makes it explode. I rather kill myself than have some silly snake do it.

The darkness and muffled sounds in this coffin are soothing, really. In a grave with someone else’s name I find eternal peace and quiet.

I could punch my way out, but I don’t want to. This is my kind
of party.

I play music in my head and wiggle to the beat.


posted today, 21:47
by anonymous1234

to crush a human skull
who knows how it goes?
is it steady pressing
or dealing endless blows?

i have not seen it done
have not heard accounts
tell me of the feeling
tell me of the sounds

tell me of the bloodshed
tell me of the brains
how does one clean
whatever mess remains?

how much hate and anger
is one calm or furious
tell me please,
i want to know
i am, i guess,
just curious


the news of six ‘o clock
told of a husband dead
and a woman
doing homework
before she crushed
his head


please come to me
oh, valkyrie
this soldier
earned his mead
valhalla calls
so take me there
as a fighter’s heart
beats a last beat
i fought with honour
now odin waits
i pray you take me
fulfill my fate