The Maggot Succession

“bring more maggots
– many more –
for they will feast
on rotting flesh”

the king’s court healer
is at a loss
and takes a gamble
he knows he’ll lose

“but rotting flesh
is all that’s left”

the king’s queen cries
through tears
and fears

the king breathes heavy
no limbs are left
blind and deaf
he feels the pain

the jester jokes
lightens the mood
but no one laughs
they do inside

the people
they prepare a feast
their evil king
will die real soon
years of hunger
and sick
a dying king
signals a change

the maggot gnaws
nibbles and bites
digests and cleans
all rotting flesh

only a heart remains
ice cold stone
maggots ignore

the jester jokes
lightens the mood
“a tiny coffin
will do just fine”

no one laughs
but they do inside
the king is gone
stone heart is dead

long live the queen
long live the queen
long live the queen
for she is fair
she’ll rule us now
and we’ll be fine
we’ll live and prosper
we’ll wine and dine

and after years
the queen got named
‘queen iron heart’
she’s cold inside
and people wish
he’d rule them still
the stone heart king
should not have died

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