Amsterdam? No, Never more

Captain Cox
was months at sea
now disembarked
him and his crew
in Amsterdam
for just a night
to drink and eat
to drink and screw

ale, fat fish and prostitutes
ale, fat fish and dice
ale and ale and prostitutes
haze of shame and vice

some scritchy scratchy sacks
and dripping rods all red
tiny crabbies everywhere
one sailor is now dead
‘nother broke his jaw and nose
fighting with a hooker
not that Captain Cox did care
(he never was a looker)
pain in heads and vomiting
fatty fish spewed back to sea
Captain Cox and all his crew
wholeheartedly agree
Amsterdam, no, never more
to Amsterdam? abort! abort!
Amsterdam, no, never more
that sick and putrid port

salty splashes
a cooling breeze
hairs are dancing
spirits high
Captain Cox
issues the order
to not look back
“Aye aye, sir! Aye!”

Three Ways to Slay (song lyrics)

a brick can kill
in messy ways
it’s heavy, maybe
slow to swing
but when he’s down
the brick sure is
– for pure blunt force –
a useful thing

I went to jail
for plans I made
learnt there
to do, to execute
I went to jail
a nice, sweet guy
came out
evil’s dark root

a stick’s so good
so versatile
to stab using
the pointy part
to swing and hit
to keep at bay
to end it all
right in the heart


electric wire,
assassin style
it’s everywhere
for you to find
just come in
all silently
approach him
from behind

last, not least
the lethal choice
of killer chefs:
the kitchen knife
just swing and slice
and stab to see
the fatal fear
of fleeting life


three men raped
and got away
from justice,
and from law
I planned revenge
got locked away
now my wrath
the last they saw

A City Bleak (song lyrics)

grey concrete blocks
and black paved paths
in a lifeless city
the devil laughs

grey suits shuffle
like ants in lines
walk and pause
switch, cross, align

a young girl hops
in a sundress red
she hums and twirls
and sways her head
the young girl loves
she’s warmth and free
shines in colours
the grey can’t see

sun shines bright
on trees of grey
their crowns in gold
cast a sleepy shade

screens all sizes
the only light
that reaches eyes
absorbing sight

numbed by numbers
screens and graphs
measure all but
the devil’s laughs

in this city grey
lives dead and bleak
everyone lost track
of what they seek

Unready (song lyrics)

moved in circles
each our own way
a touchless tango
we danced that day
we were in darkness then
we did not meet
our eyes unready
we did not see
all that could
and should maybe

I felt your breath
in the summer breeze
you caught my scent
in fresh mown grass
we were younger then
we did not meet
our hearts unready
we did not feel
all that could
and should maybe

we both went back
no longer free
we’re wiser now
won’t meet again
our hearts are ready
and want to feel
with ready eyes
we want to see
what could have been
and should maybe

let’s go back to central park
and walk a different trail
not the one
where true love dies
let’s try and change our tale
let’s make up
for moments lost
wake up unready eyes

we will never know
how close we were
to true love in our lives
a grainy dot
in photographs
a dancing shape,
a shadow there
in corners of our eyes