Sexy Shopping Mama

early Christmas grocery shopping
because I hate the craziness

cart full of bottles and cans
biggest and heaviest items first
I can always go back
for smaller stuff

in the fruit and vegetable aisle
a mother walks
young, but not very young
kids are small, 7 or 8 years old
I can never tell

she is well-dressed
might have beautiful breasts
or just normal ones
I cannot tell
through the layers of clothing

she seems tired
drags the kids through the shop
one by each hand
and a shopping basket hangs from her arm

it’s why I shop alone

I do not find her attractive
until I notice the legs
underneath layers
and layers of clothes
and a small margin of skirt
perfect legs in black tights

she is fit
not tall either, so petite probably

tiny brown high heeled boots
we’ve got a sexy one here
ladies and gentlemen

but she looks so tired
and annoyed by the kids
pulling her arms
and screaming

this is not a milf
this is a mother I’d like to tell
she looks beautiful
and hot as hell
despite the stress
and the exhaustion

I’d just like to tell her
those legs in those tights
and those tiny feet
in those high heeled boots
made my day

walk away

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