Live, Love, Laugh (Metal Edition)

a piece of metal
about yay big
is lodged inside
deep in the brain
it weighs down
it scars and tears
a piece of metal
of purest pain

it feels so heavy
some days at least
and poisonous
like high-grade lead
it’s always there
a piece of metal
inside of you
a blue, dull sad

fight the feeling
fight, you must
this piece of metal
so sharp and cold
dance and run
live, love, laugh
heat up the oven
turn lead to gold

Sitting Out The Storm

black clouds crawling in
a weather front
of lethal sad
pressure built
in past weeks’ warmth
life was good
and all was good
were we happy?
I guess we were

panels on our windows
shutters, covers
stock up and hide

let’s light a single candle
in this dark house
in this dark room
let its light
keep out the black
keep out the cold
huddle close
and cuddle

let us hope
the candle burns
and let us hope
we closed all cracks
may a draft
not blind us

let’s sit out
this storm
we’ll greet the sun
real soon

Scare the Clown

fuck you
and your fake ass shit
confidence a shield
so thin
you look so happy
but through your pores
I smell the weakness
held within

fuck you
fuck that cheerful act
fuck your fear
of being real
drop that mask
release the pain
set free the doubt
and start to heal

if you need help
I’m here for you
I have some words
that’ll tear you down
they’ll scrape and pierce
they’ll make you bleed
but they will also
scare the clown


to the core

i scrape till bleeding
skin and flesh
carving thoughts
cut, cut away

on a floor
paper white
but slippery
red drips
tell my story

and fat
fall and quiver
tendons twitch
as bones collapse

“here i stand
stripped to the core
this is me
i hide no more”

Dry Eyes Cry

there was a boy
– an average one –
got told to work
be strong, don’t cry
the boy did all
they said he should
if he could not
he’d lie

do not show your weakness
display a mask of lies
be self assured, or act like it
crying’s done with dry dead eyes

when he got asked
how he felt
or how it went
he would say Oh, I am great
but underneath
his mask of smiles
sometimes he was
sad, afraid

do not show your weakness
display a mask of lies
be self assured, or act like it
crying’s done with dry dead eyes

there is a man
– unhappy now –
he lost the mask
of youth
fights the urge
to hide in lies
sweats to tell
the truth
looks in the mirror
into his eyes
and tells himself
that it’s okay
they’ll face the weakness
and they agree
today will be
a better day

Of Ripples, Waves and Drowning

stand on toes
chin up, look up
breathe with water
touching lips

do not relax
or you will drown
be thankful
that this lake
is smooth

fear the ripples
fear the waves
fear the cadence
that water rocks

a storm is coming
the wind reveals
it’s seen in corners
of fearful eyes

with the rain
with lots of rain
water will come
water will rise

fear the flood
fear the flood
for you will die

one cannot learn
to swim
in waters deep