Moonlit Dance

a summer’s night
after a scorching day

cooling rains
and a light breeze

you danced barefooted
on the grass in our yard
t-shirt over bikini
as i sat on the porch
sipping my drink
and smoking
a cigarette

– stop breathing –
to a beat
only you heard

s l o w m o t i o n
the way the t-shirt
sticked to your skin
subtle views
of your curves
touched by
the little light
that still was

the buzz of alcohol
a blush on my cheeks
you asked me
to dance with you

i said no
chicken shit

if i heard music too
i would have danced
with a beautiful girl
in nothing but a
soaked t-shirt and
a bikini
in the light of moon
and stars
and your smile

i should have danced
with you

but i didn’t
fucking chicken shit
stupid motherfucker

i hope you found
someone that heard
your music
someone to dance with

i hope you still dance

if nothing else

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