Set Beauty Free

but insecure
she hides her face
and covers skin
shy and silent
no one knows
the beauty that
she holds within

she wishes for
a prince to come
– or a princess,
she will see –
to dig hard and deep
and set her beauty

she’ll love that person
to the moon
and much further,
until the end
she’ll be what
that person needs
a lover, shoulder
anchor, friend

and when they’re old
she will make sure
she is the last
to go and die
for she cannot bear
to see her lover,
shoulder, anchor
and friend cry

Moonlit Dance

a summer’s night
after a scorching day

cooling rains
and a light breeze

you danced barefooted
on the grass in our yard
t-shirt over bikini
as i sat on the porch
sipping my drink
and smoking
a cigarette

– stop breathing –
to a beat
only you heard

s l o w m o t i o n
the way the t-shirt
sticked to your skin
subtle views
of your curves
touched by
the little light
that still was

the buzz of alcohol
a blush on my cheeks
you asked me
to dance with you

i said no
chicken shit

if i heard music too
i would have danced
with a beautiful girl
in nothing but a
soaked t-shirt and
a bikini
in the light of moon
and stars
and your smile

i should have danced
with you

but i didn’t
fucking chicken shit
stupid motherfucker

i hope you found
someone that heard
your music
someone to dance with

i hope you still dance

if nothing else

Unready (song lyrics)

moved in circles
each our own way
a touchless tango
we danced that day
we were in darkness then
we did not meet
our eyes unready
we did not see
all that could
and should maybe

I felt your breath
in the summer breeze
you caught my scent
in fresh mown grass
we were younger then
we did not meet
our hearts unready
we did not feel
all that could
and should maybe

we both went back
no longer free
we’re wiser now
won’t meet again
our hearts are ready
and want to feel
with ready eyes
we want to see
what could have been
and should maybe

let’s go back to central park
and walk a different trail
not the one
where true love dies
let’s try and change our tale
let’s make up
for moments lost
wake up unready eyes

we will never know
how close we were
to true love in our lives
a grainy dot
in photographs
a dancing shape,
a shadow there
in corners of our eyes