The Road To You

they are waiting for me
out there, in the dark
so many of them
i hear them cry

as i walk the streets
they follow me
waiting for a time
to strike

i see their shadows
black silhouettes
in the corners
of my flashing eyes

today i cannot
hide or run
the road to you
runs through their realm

and so i stand
before the lair
of which my many
demons spawn

none of them
dares show itself
they hide and cry
stay out of sight

the road to you
is warm and clear
your heart a beacon
shining bright

you are a lantern
in my blackest night
my demons run,
they fear your light

On healing

i have carved time
into my skin
every day its own
small scar
i’ve worn out shoes
walking the earth
to get from you
away and far

fucked lots of women
and some men
to forget the way
your body feels
fell in love
and out of it
waited to see how much
time heals

a body bloody
and blistered feet
sickness of both flesh
and heart
to always show
you’re still with me
although apart

Cupid’s Brother

hardly anyone knows
about Cupid’s brother
twins they are, much alike

wherever Cupid goes
his brother follows

us mere humans
really only ever hear
about the first
wielding his bow
with love’s true aim
making people
fall in love
head over heels

but Stupid is never
far behind
his weapon of choice
a blunt rock
his aim in nothing
the lesser of his brother’s
dealing damage
as only true love can

the arrow in the heart
blinds and numbs
the rock to the head
is hardly felt
and is, therefore, the most
dangerous of the two

just remember that
the arrow of Cupid
is closely chased by
the rock of Stupid

enjoy love before it hits