Lazy Prey

i feel for the moth
it looks so lost

it just sits on the wall
or tries to fly away
through a closed window


flaps its wings
against the glass

the moth doesn’t know
what’s going on
it just flies
and sees nothing
in its way
it just hangs
it panics
“what sorcery is this?”
it asks

poor moth

a butterfly
but pale
yet beautiful
in a way
like the moon
is beautiful
but hey, it’s no sun

calm down, little moth
be still and hide
in these here parts
bats hunt at night


i know how this will end
dried out
and on its back
a cat toy
until i throw it away
and wash my hands

i’m still not getting up
to let it out
call me lazy
all you want
you want it out
you let it out


stupid moth
be quiet


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