I write two lines
in half an hour
spend a day
to find a pic
credit the artist
“from Pinterest”
rewind and shuffle
repeat my trick

I am a poet
applaud, goddamn
it’s why I am
on Instagram

I read two lines
and nothing more
too long, no time
for me to read
I love the ones
with images
the same old quotes
is all I need

I am a poet
quick fix, goddamn
it’s what we want
on Instagram

I love my friends
they’re beautiful
I tell them all
each day
brilliant poets
all of them
and so am I
for so they say

I am a poet
love me, goddamn
it’s what we do
on Instagram

I love to read
poems and prose
I will devour
every page
but I steer clear
of Instagram
where so-called poets
built their stage

I am a reader
I read, goddamn
and not the crap
on Instagram

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