Hotel Hug

meet me in a hotel room
no pleasantries, you do not talk
I’ll suit up, sit in a chair
tell you just to walk

walk around a bit, slowly

I’ll tell you to undress, but slow
I’ll see your skin, your curves, your hair
you will turn and show yourself
as if alone, like I’m not there

don’t look at me, look in the mirror

get on the bed, is what I’ll say
face down, ass up, elbows and knees
present yourself, make me want
caress and play, invite and tease

spread them a little, slide a finger in

that is what you’ll do for me
good girl, you’re doing fine
you’ll hear the sound of me unzip
and feel me make you mine

turn your head, let me see your face

we’ll hug under the shower
caress in steam and soap
talk a bit when we get dressed
speak words of wish and hope

I wish you didn’t have to go
— yeah, me neither

I hope we do this again soon
— me too

— bye

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