Feral Phallus

your teasing
yields an offering
a small drop
that stains
my boxershorts

you lie on the bed
caressing curves
and see the spot

a satisfied smile
in dimmed
yellow light
makes your face
a sardonic mask
for the mistress of lust
that enjoys to see
some suffering

i ask
if i may take it off

it is too tight
you say ‘no, not yet’
on your back, on the bed

your play continues
fabric chafes
with every bob
relentless cotton
every throb

a primitive animal
bangs its head
against the bars of its cage
instincts numb the pain
escape the only thought
that inhibits
its primal, feral brain


you reach
you touch
you set free
you kiss
the tip of your tongue
licks and tastes

your mouth devours
eager and craving
we are both

my mind implodes
as pain transforms
into delight

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