On votes and power and dead kids

see that man?
a terrorist
his wife
and children too
I know for sure
trust me on this
like all
my voters do
you should fear
those people there
I saw them
eyeball you
that is what they are
trust me, it is true

give me your vote
and I’ll protect
I know
what should be done
give me the power
before you know
all your fears are gone
give me your kids
daughters and sons
I’ll tell them
where to aim
I’ll give them guns
fire and bombs
and pay them back
in fame

fear them, fear those
fear them right there
trust me
you should fear
give me power
give me votes
and when I pass
you cheer

thank you
for supporting me
you made
the right one boss
I’m here for you
she was so brave
I’m sorry
for your loss

please excuse me
I have to go
your neighbours
need to hear
their neighbour
is a terrorist
how you’re the one
to fear

put your faith
in noble words
not theirs
just mine are true
I cannot tell you
all the why’s
but trust me
I’ll save you
be afraid
but not of me
I’ll point out
who to blame
you’ll fight
and kill
and mame
and rape
based on
my righteous claim

Scare the Clown

fuck you
and your fake ass shit
confidence a shield
so thin
you look so happy
but through your pores
I smell the weakness
held within

fuck you
fuck that cheerful act
fuck your fear
of being real
drop that mask
release the pain
set free the doubt
and start to heal

if you need help
I’m here for you
I have some words
that’ll tear you down
they’ll scrape and pierce
they’ll make you bleed
but they will also
scare the clown

The Formative Fears

in the ditch
close to our home
a monster lives
with claws and teeth
it pulls in children
for them to drown
that surface has
death underneath

on the lands
close to our home
men work hard
in cold and rain
those who don’t
lazy and weak
die poor, unhappy
deserving pain

in the city
close to our home
an orphanage stands
where bad kids go

my suitcase packed
you had enough
put on your coat
“ready to go?”

see that man?
he’ll die alone
there was a girl
she died right there
i knew a boy
kidnapped, now dead
it’s all the truth
my child, I swear

thank you, mom
for vulnerable years
when you instilled
some lifetime fears

Never The Cold

it’s the fear of freezing
that chills me
to the bone
to feel the cold
creep up
as heat gives in
it terrifies me
it scares the shit out of me

to the bone
to feel the cold creep up
as heat gives in
it terrifies me
it scares the shit out of me

i’ll die in fire
or from falling
drown or heart attack
but not the cold
never the cold

give me a gun

i’ll melt the snow
with brain and blood
before i freeze

crystals melt
and i’ll be gone

blood beats ice
heat beats cold
life beats death
a final time


one finger in
another one
a third
a fourth
a thumb

wrist and elbow
and hips
the rest

it’s cozy here
inside of you
warm and snug
and dark

carry me around
with you
all day
and everywhere

let me sleep
hearing your beat
it’s all i want
just fearless

A Dark Dream

feverish dreams
and you are there
your face a beacon,
your heart the light
i run and stumble,
rain and thunder
oily rocks
as fear takes flight

waves attack,
crash and churn
the salt
it stings my eyes
i lose the struggle,
i’m not in time
you turn away
and all light dies

i wake up
and you are there
please don’t go away

Dry Eyes Cry

there was a boy
– an average one –
got told to work
be strong, don’t cry
the boy did all
they said he should
if he could not
he’d lie

do not show your weakness
display a mask of lies
be self assured, or act like it
crying’s done with dry dead eyes

when he got asked
how he felt
or how it went
he would say Oh, I am great
but underneath
his mask of smiles
sometimes he was
sad, afraid

do not show your weakness
display a mask of lies
be self assured, or act like it
crying’s done with dry dead eyes

there is a man
– unhappy now –
he lost the mask
of youth
fights the urge
to hide in lies
sweats to tell
the truth
looks in the mirror
into his eyes
and tells himself
that it’s okay
they’ll face the weakness
and they agree
today will be
a better day

Of Ripples, Waves and Drowning

stand on toes
chin up, look up
breathe with water
touching lips

do not relax
or you will drown
be thankful
that this lake
is smooth

fear the ripples
fear the waves
fear the cadence
that water rocks

a storm is coming
the wind reveals
it’s seen in corners
of fearful eyes

with the rain
with lots of rain
water will come
water will rise

fear the flood
fear the flood
for you will die

one cannot learn
to swim
in waters deep

Pax Paludes

a war horse runs
its rider gone
through smoke
and pools of blood
splatters of foam
eyes crazed with fear
strong white legs
covered in mud
a panicked race
away from death
from fire
and from slaughter
manoeuvres blind
with widespread eyes
through blood
that runs as water
a final jump
a near escape
sharp wood denies
skin rips open
guts spill out
the battle fades
in dying eyes