Dying in Spring

in this autumn of his life
heart and bones go cold
as winds and rains
of decay and deterioration
hit his body and his mind

soon the freezing colds
of death as winter
will be upon him
memories shall fade
and dying with grace
shall be considered a final

losing friends and family
through death or deceit
through boredom
or through fate,
he really just wants
to not die alone

facing winter’s cold,
he just wishes
to die in the warm
embrace of Spring

for she is young
and bares all the signs
of love and life

they met in a hotel lobby

she was obviously a hooker
but he was a gentleman
and never used the word
– she appreciated that –

a blonde stunner she was,
big tits and a juicy ass
in her twenties
and they fucked all night

and so the man
in the autumn of his life
got his final wish
sowed his seed just once more
and died in Spring

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