Pink Ribbon Girl

she is
my sweet pink ribbon girl
she’s special
in a grey, dull world

her hair is tied
with satin strips
and little bows
adorn her petticoat dress
on shoulders
and on the edges
like butterflies
white and pink
that landed
and just decided to stay

sweet small feet
in high-heeled ankle wraps:
ribbons tied in bows
all pink and white

home made choker
inches wide
and pink, of course
a teeny-tiny silver heart
just dangles there
as if hers is for grabs

(it is not)

I always watch
my ribbon girl
all day long
and every day
I dream of her
in pink and white
on backgrounds
bleak and grey

at night
when all the colours go
sweet ribbon girl goes too
all comes off
except the shoes

a wide black ribbon
around her neck
is studded leather
it has a leash

I have my way
she wants me to
I care for her
I want me to
we cuddle
and we sleep

I always see
my ribbon girl
all night long
and every night
I dream of her
in pink and white
when all is black
she is the light

when we wake up
dreamy still
I fetch her ribbons
and tie some bows
she combs her hair
as I just watch
I sit
I dream
in pink and white
of sweet and joy
of love
and light

A Final Hike

i bought a forest
— well, a piece of one
to build a cabin
it’s almost done
a one room thing
with just a bed
a place to go
and rest my head
you can come
but only you
and sleeping
will be all we do
every week
just you and me
can you imagine
how that would be?
and every year
i’ll build some more
you just name
what you wish for
and when we’re old
and it’s all done
we’ll take the hike
a final one
stay there forever
until the end
and we’ll look back
at years well spent

A Dark Dream

feverish dreams
and you are there
your face a beacon,
your heart the light
i run and stumble,
rain and thunder
oily rocks
as fear takes flight

waves attack,
crash and churn
the salt
it stings my eyes
i lose the struggle,
i’m not in time
you turn away
and all light dies

i wake up
and you are there
please don’t go away

Night Lake

the half lit moon
looks up into
a black and empty
starless sky
a veil of clouds
can’t stop its light
spells doom
when passing by

yellow crests
on blue black waves
in a lifeless lake
cold to the eye
it truly is
the perfect night
the perfect way
to say goodbye

sweet world
sweet friends
I blame you not
for being
I’ll swim
I’ll sink
I’ll drown
and die
and then
– I’m sure –
you’ll care

Island Elope

will you run away with me?
far away, just… far away
away from this, from where we are
let’s not wait, let’s go today

no screens or phones, no internet
no buildings, roads and cars
just you and me, the sun and moon
an island under quiet stars

we’ll walk the beaches all day long
and walk and walk some more
we’ll be together until the day
faded has what was before

and when the day comes
to say goodbye, to see a last sunset
we’ll gladly tell each other this:
this was our best day yet

Sandman Spent

sitting on his beach at night
just Sandman and the moon
the waves roll in and out
it’ll be a new day soon

another night of him right here
not sprinkling sand in children’s eyes
he grew so tired, can’t get up
it matters not how hard he tries

water crashes, castles crumble
sand gets flushed to sea
oh, how badly Sandman wants
no more work, and just be free