Blondes from Iceland and Dutch courage

two girls from Iceland
one thin, one thick
working in a greenhouse
flowers, plants, Aalsmeer
making nothing
for fun mainly
a summer job abroad

I don’t remember names
we just got along
we drank and danced
we talked and laughed
we drank and kissed
and there was probably some feeling up,
I don’t remember exactly

Thin had thigh highs
striped as rainbows
Thick was sweet
kind eyes, kind smile

two seperate nights
one room apart
each girl from Iceland
first Thick, then Thin
neither cared
or seemed to mind
a summer job abroad

I always got nervous when I felt things were going to end up like that. The prospect of having a one-night stand scared the shit out of me. I loved to flirt, but was afraid where it would lead. So I drank. A lot. And then nothing could and would happen anymore. I was a virgin until I was 18, am 45 now, and never had a one-night stand. I am okay with this.

Dutch courage
on the bottom
of a beer bottle
on a lot of beer bottles
to be exact

two girls from Iceland
Thin and Thick
both so blonde, a yellow white
a working trip
to Holland
letting loose
and down to fuck
though meeting me
seemed promising
Dutch courage
so, no luck

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