Big breasted Esther

a company outing years ago

some pogo stick thing
everyone in silly helmets
and Esther volunteering to demonstrate
how it was supposed to be done

well, the boss volunteered Esther
he always loved putting Esther on the spot
and she didn’t mind
she was the cheery one
big tits too
we had some nicknames
for her and her big tits

Esther on the pogo stick
jumping up and down
as the guy from the pogo stick rental thing
explained the ins and outs
as he grabbed Esther by the waste
and stared at her breasts a lot

everyone was in awe at Esther pogoing
or at least the guys
and Jennifer from accounting
others were just being jealous bitches
later, there was a party
with lots of booze
and me slow dancing with Esther
there was some tongue and touching
and Peter stole a bottle of vodka
from the bar after it closed
and that kind of took the attention
away from me and Esther

not long after that
I met her husband at another party
it was not awkward at all
he didn’t know or he didn’t care
Esther being cheery as always
and me thinking of the other guys
who told me they kissed Esther

“cheery little Esther
blondie biggie breaster
pogo sticking
ups and downs
boobies bouncing
smiles and frowns”

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