Amsterdam? No, Never more

Captain Cox
was months at sea
now disembarked
him and his crew
in Amsterdam
for just a night
to drink and eat
to drink and screw

ale, fat fish and prostitutes
ale, fat fish and dice
ale and ale and prostitutes
haze of shame and vice

some scritchy scratchy sacks
and dripping rods all red
tiny crabbies everywhere
one sailor is now dead
‘nother broke his jaw and nose
fighting with a hooker
not that Captain Cox did care
(he never was a looker)
pain in heads and vomiting
fatty fish spewed back to sea
Captain Cox and all his crew
wholeheartedly agree
Amsterdam, no, never more
to Amsterdam? abort! abort!
Amsterdam, no, never more
that sick and putrid port

salty splashes
a cooling breeze
hairs are dancing
spirits high
Captain Cox
issues the order
to not look back
“Aye aye, sir! Aye!”

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