Marty was a bartender
years of service
me just in

Marty was a cheerful one
always talking, always laughing
friend of all, charmingly slick
a clown, a good guy
i’d say a friend

it took me years to realize
how cheerfulness can be a mask

alcohol, strange hours
slot machines, and alcohol
easy women, alcohol
alcohol, more alcohol

working when the world’s asleep
alcohol and women

three daughters and a tough divorce
alcohol and women

a dream come true
alcohol and women

and wasted years
alcohol and women

he cleaned up his act
found a wife who understands
who’s patient and who loves him so
is happy now, but…

The Carcass Dance

our bodies died
some time ago
blind minds don’t know
or just ignore
the world around us
lives and thrives
but we don’t care
for it no more

we dance our dance
of carcasses
hear music no one else
can hear
we found a way
to shun all pain
to save our hearts
to shed all fear

so we dance
carcasses sway slow
both found peace
deep down within
forsaken futures
no more dreams
just a soothing numb
of the heroin

Little White Pill

Tornados of tears
in blue skies of bliss.
For decades
I’ve weathered this storm.
As soon as I’m wet
new sun rays appear;
I bask in the light,
a new cloud takes form.

My little white pill,
I take one each day.
Doesn’t stop rain
or make the winds lie.
But it does give me shelter,
it’s warm and it’s dry.
Created by meds,
the storm’s quiet eye.