Big breasted Esther

a company outing years ago

some pogo stick thing
everyone in silly helmets
and Esther volunteering to demonstrate
how it was supposed to be done

well, the boss volunteered Esther
he always loved putting Esther on the spot
and she didn’t mind
she was the cheery one
big tits too
we had some nicknames
for her and her big tits

Esther on the pogo stick
jumping up and down
as the guy from the pogo stick rental thing
explained the ins and outs
as he grabbed Esther by the waste
and stared at her breasts a lot

everyone was in awe at Esther pogoing
or at least the guys
and Jennifer from accounting
others were just being jealous bitches
later, there was a party
with lots of booze
and me slow dancing with Esther
there was some tongue and touching
and Peter stole a bottle of vodka
from the bar after it closed
and that kind of took the attention
away from me and Esther

not long after that
I met her husband at another party
it was not awkward at all
he didn’t know or he didn’t care
Esther being cheery as always
and me thinking of the other guys
who told me they kissed Esther

“cheery little Esther
blondie biggie breaster
pogo sticking
ups and downs
boobies bouncing
smiles and frowns”

40 something’s daily rhythm

two cigarettes
strong coffee
breakfast maybe
colleagues jabber
boss is bossy
fight the urge
to punch the jerk
traffic lights
honking in jams
dinner table
coffee, smoke
clean shit up
– not even mine –
kids to bed
a rum and coke
netflix, fuck
another drink
sleep 8 hours
a man can hope
40 something
no highs, no lows
the daily rhythm
a way to cope

Buying a bathroom

between his fingers
tells me: heavy smoker

last coffee
long ago
his breath screams

suit’s too tight
bought some time ago
I guess
he grew into it
and now out of it
tie’s loose
make it tighter
might hold some
of the sweaty stench inside

and this is the man
explaining the importance
of aesthetics to me
talking about surfaces
easy cleaning

in a room
of shiny white tiles
glass and chrome
a walking talking stain

go easy clean yourself
buy one
of your own mirrors
and look at yourself
for a change

On votes and power and dead kids

see that man?
a terrorist
his wife
and children too
I know for sure
trust me on this
like all
my voters do
you should fear
those people there
I saw them
eyeball you
that is what they are
trust me, it is true

give me your vote
and I’ll protect
I know
what should be done
give me the power
before you know
all your fears are gone
give me your kids
daughters and sons
I’ll tell them
where to aim
I’ll give them guns
fire and bombs
and pay them back
in fame

fear them, fear those
fear them right there
trust me
you should fear
give me power
give me votes
and when I pass
you cheer

thank you
for supporting me
you made
the right one boss
I’m here for you
she was so brave
I’m sorry
for your loss

please excuse me
I have to go
your neighbours
need to hear
their neighbour
is a terrorist
how you’re the one
to fear

put your faith
in noble words
not theirs
just mine are true
I cannot tell you
all the why’s
but trust me
I’ll save you
be afraid
but not of me
I’ll point out
who to blame
you’ll fight
and kill
and mame
and rape
based on
my righteous claim

Girls’ night out and me

from tongue to chin

I remember screaming
your eyes
staring up at me
me still inside

a cab drives by
out on the street
slows down and honks
– thank god, he’s gone

the alley light reflects
on head and veins
your lips
– that smirk
tip of tongue
a final lick
a kiss goodbye
a giggle

white sneakers
skirt and top
raven hair
a choker heart
a girls’ night out
and me alone
a smile, a chat
a laugh, a kiss
a wink, a walk
a sigh, a moan


eleven thirty
back to back
you look up
and I look down
given time
we’ll grow close
heartbeats loud
our tic toc sound

no stopping it
patience is key
twelve o’clock
our hearts align
days and weeks
and now we meet
this noon of love
when you are mine

time will pass
and time will fly
we’ve grown apart
both you and I
but I don’t fear
true love has power
and we will meet
another hour

round and round
and round we go
how to stop
we do not know

Blondes from Iceland and Dutch courage

two girls from Iceland
one thin, one thick
working in a greenhouse
flowers, plants, Aalsmeer
making nothing
for fun mainly
a summer job abroad

I don’t remember names
we just got along
we drank and danced
we talked and laughed
we drank and kissed
and there was probably some feeling up,
I don’t remember exactly

Thin had thigh highs
striped as rainbows
Thick was sweet
kind eyes, kind smile

two seperate nights
one room apart
each girl from Iceland
first Thick, then Thin
neither cared
or seemed to mind
a summer job abroad

I always got nervous when I felt things were going to end up like that. The prospect of having a one-night stand scared the shit out of me. I loved to flirt, but was afraid where it would lead. So I drank. A lot. And then nothing could and would happen anymore. I was a virgin until I was 18, am 45 now, and never had a one-night stand. I am okay with this.

Dutch courage
on the bottom
of a beer bottle
on a lot of beer bottles
to be exact

two girls from Iceland
Thin and Thick
both so blonde, a yellow white
a working trip
to Holland
letting loose
and down to fuck
though meeting me
seemed promising
Dutch courage
so, no luck

The gold digger’s handjob

a handjob by my wife
but I’m thinking of you
of how we kissed
and how we danced
how we made one of two
we used to walk
we used to sit
I think of us
with every stroke
but me, I want
a wealthy life
my wife is rich
and you are broke
hot body, smart
funny and young
to me you were
a drug
but not a penny
to your name
so you
don’t get to tug

Amsterdam? No, Never more

Captain Cox
was months at sea
now disembarked
him and his crew
in Amsterdam
for just a night
to drink and eat
to drink and screw

ale, fat fish and prostitutes
ale, fat fish and dice
ale and ale and prostitutes
haze of shame and vice

some scritchy scratchy sacks
and dripping rods all red
tiny crabbies everywhere
one sailor is now dead
‘nother broke his jaw and nose
fighting with a hooker
not that Captain Cox did care
(he never was a looker)
pain in heads and vomiting
fatty fish spewed back to sea
Captain Cox and all his crew
wholeheartedly agree
Amsterdam, no, never more
to Amsterdam? abort! abort!
Amsterdam, no, never more
that sick and putrid port

salty splashes
a cooling breeze
hairs are dancing
spirits high
Captain Cox
issues the order
to not look back
“Aye aye, sir! Aye!”