So good of you to visit me here. My name is Jeroen den Haan, a middle-aged husband and father of three from The Netherlands. I love to write. Poetry mostly, but sometimes a piece of prose just comes rolling out. And, at times, I make spoken word videos of my poems.


I started out on Instagram, as I assumed it would be a great place to get to know other poets and because it gave me an instant audience that was more than willing to show me the ropes and help me grow. Today, as I write this, I just passed 3,000 followers, and I am immensly proud of that. But every social medium has its downfalls, and its the race for likes and followers that started to take a toll on my creativity.

Besides that, every medium (social or other) has its pros and cons. For a social medium, the format in which you post your content is always limited. In number of characters, or the requirement to always post a visually pleasing image with your words, there seems to always be something that interferes with just posting words. That is why I started this website. To have a place where I am in full control of what I post.

I am happy you ended up here. I am not in it for the fame, but I have learned that people reading what I write hugely motivates me to keep going. I will never get rich doing what I like to do most, but I sure as hell will try to have fun with it.